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    Xinke New Materials Co., Ltd. Anhui, China
    Anhui Xinke New Materials Co., Ltd. was officially established on 28th Sept., 1998. The company publicly issued negotiable shares and was listed at Shanghai Stock Exchange on 22nd Nov.2000 with the title "Xinke Materials" for short and the code 600255.
    Anhui Xinke which is the key high-tech enterprise of the nation class lighted torch plan is the major sponsor and the supporting unit of Anhui engineering research centre of copperbased alloy materials. It consists of a provincial Tech- nology Centre and 9 branches including Precision copperba- sed strip Branch etc.
    Mainly engaged in producing developing and marketing the copper-based alloy plate, strip, wire, irradiating cross linking cable, special cable etc., the company has its leading products such as precision copper-based alloy strip and wire, bright copper rod, power wire and cable. The above products are all "Anhui famous brand" products among which "Xinke" copper-based alloy strip is "Chinese famous brand" product.
    Nearly 20 pieces of achievement of scientific research and invention patent belong to the company, and many of them were honored with national titles for scientific development. The products were listed in the high-tech enterprise products catalog by the Chinese Customs and Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and America with high reputation in the domestic market.

    Furukawa Electric Industries Co., Ltd.
    Company Name
    Furukawa Electric Industries Co., Ltd.
    Shibata Mitsuyoshi
    Capital net
    JP¥69.395 billion ( end of March, 2011)
    Net sales
    JP¥918.8808 billion( joint venture ) ,JP
    ¥403.685 billion ( single proprietorship )
    ( end of March, 2011)
    Number of
    45,425 ( joint venture ) , 4,031( single
    proprietorship )( end of March, 2011 )
    Head office
    Zhongtong building, 2-3, Marunouchi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8322, Japan 100-8322

    Main service content:
    ① Electric wire, Cable department
    ② Engineering, Machine electric material department
    ③ Copper products department
    ④ Information device, electronic component's department
    ⑤ Plastic products department

    Copyright @  Xin Furukawa Metal ( Wuxi ) Co., Ltd
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